Innisfil Seed Library

Innisfil Seed Library is open! Seeds are available to borrow by signing them out in our binder and returning some at the end of the growing season. Be sure to attend our workshops and special events. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for topics and presenters at any time. Contact us at and get up-to-date information by liking us on Facebook:
The Innisfil Seed Library is located at the Cookstown and Lakeshore Branches, and is free and open to everyone. Visitors can browse the selection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds, sign some out in our binder and grow them at home to enjoy. It's that easy! At the end of the growing season, we ask that seed borrowers return some seed to help replenish the stock. Throughout the growing season, the library will offer workshops and presentations including proper methods for saving and returning viable seed. Resources for gardening and seed saving will also be made available.
Our mission:
To distribute seeds widely to the community, including members and non-members of all ages and gardening experience levels, and to educate our residents about how to properly save and return seed to replenish the library year after year. We aim to further engage the community with a variety of complementary workshops and presentations throughout the growing season.
Why save seeds?
People have collected and saved seeds for thousands of years; however, over the last century we've lost a great deal of this knowledge and the biodiversity we once enjoyed. Gardeners and farmers have become reliant on large seed companies for their crops in turn significantly shrinking the diversity of our plants and food.
By growing and saving your seeds, you:
- Help cultivate and maintain biodiversity
- Develop locally adapted seed to our environment
- Eat healthy while saving money
- Gain local food security
- Become less dependent on large seed companies
- Learn and share with your community
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Interested in donating seeds or volunteering? Contact Bridget Indelicato at
Our initial seed stock has been generously donated by local horticultural groups and individuals in our community. Thank you!


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