Tinkershops are a great way to get acquainted with the library's Hack Lab and Media Lab technology.  You'll receive a quick tour of the space and learn the basics for vinyl cutting, lasering, 3D printing, digital conversion, circuitry, or coding!  

Space is limited, you can now register online at https://registration.innisfillibrary.ca to secure your spot.



  • Choose your style of weapon for desktop battles. Use ping-pong balls to hurl at your foes.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 7+ | $8

    Cookstown: Thursday, August 14, 10am

  • Learn to play in 3D! Make your imagination go wild in the virtual design space to make a monster.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 7+ | $4

    Lakeshore: Tuesday, August 14, 10am

  • Create your own colouring poster or line drawing art on the vinyl cutter. We 'Hacked' the vinyl cutter to hold a marker pen instead of the little swiveling blade. The results a giant piece of art to colour and take home!

    Adults & Ages 8+ | $2

    Registration Required

    Cookstown: Tuesday, August 14, 5pm

  • Have you ever wondered how the Green Screen works? This Workshop is for you! In this Tinkershop we are going to explore and learn how to take a photo. Remove the background, and add a different background using the program PhotoKey. Here you will gain the skills to create a very special keepsake.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 10+ | Free

    Lakeshore: Thursday, August 23, 6:30pm


  • Bart is lost in the factory. What would he make if he had to run the machines?

    Or you could laser cut a quirky pencil case or card deck case.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 7+ | $7

    Lakeshore: Friday, August 25, 1:30pm

  • Do you have a special Birthday or wedding coming up?

    Come and learn how to take text and create your own one of a kind cake topper.

    Add something unique to your special event.

    Registration Required

    Adults | $5

    Lakeshore:  Wednesday, August 29, 1:30pm

  • Learn to use our hand-held 3D scanning device to capture someone's likeness. We will then edit this 3D file and prepare it for printing in one of our 3D printers.

    Adults & Ages 8+ | $3

    Registration Required

    Lakeshore: Friday, August 31, 1:30pm

  • Set your creativity free! Use heat transfer vinyl and our new Cricut machine to personalize your own canvas library bag.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 8+ | $4

    Lakeshore: Thursday, September 20, 1:30pm


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