Tinkershops are a great way to get acquainted with the library's Hack Lab and Media Lab technology.  You'll receive a quick tour of the space and learn the basics for vinyl cutting, lasering, 3D printing, digital conversion, circuitry, or coding!  

Space is limited, you can now register online at https://registration.innisfillibrary.ca to secure your spot.



  • Learn how to make your own vintage family name sign. Using wood or acrylic. Add a wonderful welcome sign to your front porch. Or create a speical gift for a friend or family member. We will teach you the skills to create many wonderful pieces of art.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 10+ | $20

    Lakeshore: Friday, July 20, 6:30pm

  • Design and engrave your own luggage tag on wood or acrylic.

    Adults & Ages 10+ | $2 

    Registration Required 

    Lakeshore: Tuesday, July 24th, 6:30pm

  • A 3-week course where you get to build and control a tiny blinking robot with wheels. Will your robot draw lines, say hello, run away from light, or just spin around until it falls over? You get to decide your robot's functionality by coding in a block based editor.

    Adults & Ages 9+ | Free

    Registration Required 

    Lakeshore: Wednesday, July 11, 18, 25, 1:30pm

  • Have you ever wanted to design your own t-shirt? Now's your chance! Learn how to take custom drawings and turn them into t-shirts. *Please note - participants must attend all 3 sessions*

    Adults & Ages 9+ | $8

    Registration Required

    Lakeshore: Thursday, August 2, 9, and 16, 10am

  • Find out how to draw 3D shapes directly in TinkerCAD! After covering the basics of designing with TinkerCAD, this course will show you how to scribble and draw onto your 3D designs.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 11+ | $5

    Cookstown: Friday, August 3, 1:30pm

  • Spice up your kitchen with unique tea towels! Choose a favourite quote or image.

    Adults & Ages 12+ | $4

    Registration Required

    Lakeshore: Wednesday, August 8, 1:30pm

  • Choose your style of weapon for desktop battles. Use ping-pong balls to hurl at your foes.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 7+ | $8

    Cookstown: Thursday, August 14, 10am

  • Learn to play in 3D! Make your imagination go wild in the virtual design space to make a monster.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 7+ | $4

    Lakeshore: Tuesday, August 14, 10am

  • Create your own colouring poster or line drawing art on the vinyl cutter. We 'Hacked' the vinyl cutter to hold a marker pen instead of the little swiveling blade. The results a giant piece of art to colour and take home!

    Adults & Ages 8+ | $2

    Registration Required

    Cookstown: Tuesday, August 14, 5pm

  • Have you ever wondered how the Green Screen works? This Workshop is for you! In this Tinkershop we are going to explore and learn how to take a photo. Remove the background, and add a different background using the program PhotoKey. Here you will gain the skills to create a very special keepsake.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 10+ | Free

    Lakeshore: Thursday, August 23, 6:30pm


  • Bart is lost in the factory. What would he make if he had to run the machines?

    Or you could laser cut a quirky pencil case or card deck case.

    Registration Required

    Adults & Ages 7+ | $7

    Lakeshore: Friday, August 25, 1:30pm

  • Do you have a special Birthday or wedding coming up?

    Come and learn how to take text and create your own one of a kind cake topper.

    Add something unique to your special event.

    Registration Required

    Adults | $5

    Lakeshore:  Wednesday, August 29, 1:30pm

  • Learn to use our hand-held 3D scanning device to capture someone's likeness. We will then edit this 3D file and prepare it for printing in one of our 3D printers.

    Adults & Ages 8+ | $3

    Registration Required

    Lakeshore: Friday, August 31, 1:30pm


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